Wall of Honour

BC Nisei Curling Wall of Honour PlaqueNisei curling roots are deeply embedded within many communities throughout British Columbia. In 1967 a challenge went out and many curlers of Japanese descent answered the call to gather in Greenwood and Midway to decide which teams were the best Nisei curlers in BC. After many games in the small (two and three-sheet) country curling rinks, copious amounts of beverages, sumptuous bento boxes and dinners, and hours of laughter and good times, winners were eventually declared. The drives home for the tired curlers and hosts must have been particularly arduous!

What also emerged was a consensus that this bonspiel was something special and there was a strong desire to keep this event going. Leaders from within the Nisei curling communities scattered through BC agreed to ensure this would become an annual spring event with the opportunity for various communities to serve as hosts. Spurred on by the prospect of camaraderie and great competition on the ice, the community leadership and volunteers within each community where the event was held were determined to make each year at least as good as, or better than, the year before.

To remember these remarkable accomplishments, on the occasion of the 50th Annual BC Nisei Curling Bonspiel, all former and current community centres agreed to establish a Wall of Honour recognizing and honoring special individuals that through their athleticism, participation, volunteerism and other forms of support made the annual bonspiels possible and special.

When thoughts turned to whose names should be installed on this Wall of Honour, many worthy individuals sprung to mind. It quickly became evident that the list could be long and the choices very difficult. For that reason, a nominating committee has been established that is populated with representatives from many of the communities. The inaugural list focused on those special individuals who helped establish the annual bonspiel tradition in the early years. It was announced during the 50th Annual BC Nisei Curling Bonspiel in Richmond in April 2017.

It is with great pleasure and privilege that the committee recognizes the following inductees who through their athleticism, sense of community, and dedication made these BC Nisei curling bonspiels a reality to be celebrated:

2017: Mas Imai Greenwood
Bill Omae Greenwood
Seiji Onizuka Greenwood
Gordon Shimizu Greenwood
Shig Uyeyama Greenwood
Al Trick Hope
Shirley Trick Hope
Ken Kashino Kamloops
Arnie Kuroyama Kamloops
Rob Kuroyama Kamloops
Mary Miyahara Kamloops
Tom Miyahara Kamloops
Sho Yamada Kamloops
John Kakuno Kelowna
Mel Kawano Kelowna
June Imai Vancouver
Rita Imai Vancouver
Tony Imai Vancouver
Saiji Inouye Vancouver
Fuji Miki Vancouver
Seiji Mukuyama Vancouver
Roy Murao Vancouver
Tom Ono Vancouver
Ron Shimizu Vancouver
Roy Tateyama Vancouver
Dr. Y.V. Yoshida Vancouver
Agnes Sakakibara Vernon
2018 Terry Uyeda Edmonton
Dick Sawada Kamloops
Dave Kobayashi Vancouver
Edna Mukuyama Vancouver
Victor Shimizu Vancouver
Dianne Tasaka Vancouver
Stephen Tasaka Vancouver
Jim Tateyama Vancouver
Julie Tateyama Vancouver
Dwayne Uyede Vancouver
Ben Yoshida Vancouver
2019 Lenny Tateyama Kamloops
Lance Yamada Kamloops
Richard Omori Vancouver
2022 Alan Yamaoka Kelowna


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