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Kamloops Nisei Curling History

The Kamloops Nisei Curling Club started in the fall of 1968. Some of the people involved with the formation of the league were Ken Kashino, Sho Yamada, Oats Nabata, Harry Tanaka and Hideo Saito. A few of the early Executive were Ken Kashino, Arnie Kuroyama, Oats Nabata, Sho Yamada, Sumi Yamada, Misaye Serizawa, Mich Sawada, Jenny Waldack and Tom Miyahara. Only a handful of early members were curlers, the rest being bowlers. The Kamloops rink expanded from six to eight sheets, so recruitment of more curlers was necessary, including non-Nisei. The Kamloops Nisei Curling Club is currently the only mixed league in Kamloops that’s been curling for over 46 years.

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