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The league curls on Sundays from 1:00 – 3:00 pm at the Richmond Curling Club.

Latest News

Roy Tateyama Memorial Award Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 Roy Tateyama Memorial Award. This award is given annually to honour a current or past member of the Vancouver Nisei Curling Club who has demonstrated exceptional service and support to the Vancouver Nisei Curling Club. Nominations will be taken from the current members, and the recipient chosen

Vancouver Grand Aggregate Winner

Congratulations to Team Imai (Skip Tony Imai, Third Ruby Maeno, Second Pat Maihara, Lead Ken Ichiiwa) who beat out Team Nishi (Skip Ben Nishi, Third Arlene Yoshida, Second Dennis Matsui, Lead Richard Nomura) in a fierce battle on Sunday, Feb. 7, to become this year’s Vancouver Nisei Grand Aggregate winner.

Congratulations Laurie Shimizu

Laurie Shimizu’s Masters team came 2nd in the Abbotsford Senior Ladies spiel in November. Laurie curls in the Vancouver Nisei League.


All spares are placed on teams from a pool and not by individual teams or persons. If you will need a spare for yourself or someone on your team, contact Judy via text only at 604-813-6083 no later than 5 pm on the Friday before the game. She will be happy to supply a spare.

Name Tags

If any Vancouver Nisei League curlers have lost or damaged their name tags, please inform either Judy or Arlene. They would be happy to replace them at no cost. All new members will receive a complimentary name tag.

Upcoming Vancouver Events

2018-19 Closing Banquet

  • Vancouver 2018-19 Grand Aggregate Winners

    2018-19 Grand Aggregate

  • Vancouver 2018-19 A Playoff Winners

    2018-19 A Champions

  • Vancouver 2018-19 B Playoff Winners

    2018-19 B Champions

Richmond Curling Club
5540 Hollybridge Way, Richmond, BC, V7C 4N3
Tel. 604-278-1722

2017-18 Closing Banquet

  • Vancouver 2017 Christmas Spiel Winners

    2017 Xmas Spiel Winners

  • Vancouver 2017-18 Grand Aggregate and A Playoff Winners

    2017-18 Grand Aggregate

  • Vancouver 2017-18 Grand Aggregate and A Playoff Winners

    2017-18 A Champions

  • Vancouver 2017-18 B Playoff Winners

    2017-18 B Champions

2016-17 Closing Banquet

  • Vancouver 2016 Christmas Spiel Winners

    2016 Xmas Spiel Winners

  • Vancouver 2016-17 Grand Aggregate Winners

    2016-17 Grand Aggregate

  • Vancouver 2016-17 A Playoff Winners

    2016-17 A Champions

  • Vancouver 2016-17 B Playoff Winners

    2016-17 B Champions

2015-16 Closing Banquet

  • 2015 Xmas Spiel Winners

    2015 Xmas Spiel Winners

  • 2015-16 A Champions

    2015-16 A Champions

  • 2015-16 B Champions

    2015-16 B Champions

  • 2015-16 Grand Aggregate

    2015-16 Grand Aggregate

2014-15 Closing Banquet

  • 2014 Xmas Spiel Winners

    2014 Xmas Spiel Winners

  • 2014-15 A Champions

    2014-15 A Champions

  • 2014-15 B Champions

    2014-15 B Champions

  • 2014-15 Grand Aggregate

    2014-15 Grand Aggregate