Roy Tateyama Memorial Award

Roy TateyamaThe Roy Tateyama Memorial Award is given annually to honor a current or past member of the Vancouver Nisei Curling Club who has demonstrated exceptional service and support to the Club.

Nominations are forwarded by current members, and the recipient chosen by a panel that includes the current Executive Council and Roy’s brothers Jim and Lenny Tateyama. The award is presented each spring at the Club’s Wind-up Banquet.

The following is a list of the recipients:

2022/23: Miki Endo

Miki Endo 2022/23 Roy Tateyama Award

2021/22: Susanna Shimizu

[2020/21: Not awarded (season cancelled)]

Susanna Shimizu 2021/22 Roy Tateyama Award

2019/20: Ian Cockfield

Ian Cockfield 2019/2020 Roy Tateyama Award

2018/19: Roy Murao (Dan Kimoto Presenting)

Roy Murao 2018/19 Roy Tateyama Award

2017/18: Kathy Mukuyama (Dave Kobayashi Presenting)

Kathy Mukuyama 2017/18 Roy Tateyama Award

2016/17: Tony Imai (Jim Tateyama Presenting)

Tony Imai 2016/17 Roy Tateyama Award

2015/16: Ben Nishi (Roger Obayashi Presenting)

Ben Nishi 2015/16 Roy Tateyama Award

2014/15: Judy Nishi

Judy Nishi 2014/15 Roy Tateyama Award


Roy Kobayashi


Dave Kobayashi


Ron Shimizu

2010/11: Not awarded


Roy Tateyama

IanRoy Tateyama Memorial Award